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Alex Schlinsky

Alex Schlinsky runs an entrepreneurial mastermind and mentorship community, Prospecting On Demand. His agency has won multiple awards and he offers a 5X ROI guarantee to all his clients.

Alex Schlinsky

Outside of coaching entrepreneurs, Alex is the CEO of Sky Social Media, a unique digital marketing firm that caters directly to his client’s needs, focusing on results and ROI with advertising across all digital platforms. 

They call him the Iron Man of marketing which has an insane story behind it (something to do with having open heart surgery at 29 and sounding like a human time bomb).

Alex has sold $15 million worth of products and has worked with over 700 clients in 50 different markets including some of the world’s greatest brands, like the Miami Dolphins and the UFC.

Like Tony Stark, he likes to play big and offers a 5X ROI guarantee to all his clients. Not many people can say they helped a full-time plumber create an agency that now generates over $2,000,0000 a year.

He’s also helped a college student get to $70,000 a month in revenue and someone working at Nordstrom’s to $40,000 a month in profit.

His unique unconventional methods also took a part-time agency to $200,000 a month within a year and helped another client earn $95,000 in less than 90 days.

Alex’s results are so astounding and life-changing that one of his clients even named their child after him!

His agency has won multiple awards and as a sought-after expert, he has shared stages with major influencers including Daymond John.

Alex Schlinsky

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