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Episode 384: Are You Adapting to the AI Era or Getting Left Behind? Guest: Steve Rossmann


Will AI make human marketers obsolete? Or will it open up the future of marketing education and strategy?

Mark de Grasse sits down with longtime CMO and marketing professor Steve Rossmann to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing.

From the impact of AI and technology to the changing mindsets of the next generation of marketers, to teaching students to embrace failure along the journey, no topic is off limits. 

All these, and much more, in the episode!


01:46 How universities are adapting to AI in marketing education

03:57 Why students struggle to define what marketing really means

05:09 Why passion matters more than paychecks in marketing

10:06 Taylor Swift as the model of a great marketer

15:50 How AI is changing leadership roles in businesses

22:24 What the young generation needs to become marketers

26:15 Learning to embrace failure (in work and in life)

26:25 The problem with instant gratification and short attention spans

36:06 The future of VR/AR and the role of AI

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