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Episode 383: Cut Lead Gen Costs and Generate Better Cold Leads with AJ Cassata


You should NOT solely rely on Facebook Ads.

You’ve likely already seen it happen to someone at this point. Facebook shut them out and now they can’t access their Ad Manager, their groups, nothing.

AJ Cassata, co-founder of Revenue Boost, is on the show today to discuss how agencies can scale their business through cold outreach, specifically focusing on using LinkedIn and email for lead generation. 

There are limitations to relying purely on referrals and Facebook ads that could be shut down at any moment without notice. So constructing a repeatable system for generating cold leads is now more crucial than ever.

Tune in to learn practical strategies for creating compelling cold outreach messages, the significance of niching down for better targeting, and the risks associated with dependency on social media platforms for business leads. 


00:53 Pros and Cons of referrals for your business 

03:58 Bulletproof your business with lead generation systems

07:17 Preparing your business for cold traffic

15:20 Acquiring emails through email scraping, and is it spam?

16:53 Maximizing lead generation with LinkedIn and Email

31:51 Launching a Mastermind: A new approach to business scaling

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