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Episode 386: The CARE Factor Framework: The Secret to Long-Term Client Partnerships with Stevie V Brown


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Have you ever felt like you’re just an ad person or content creator to your clients, rather than a strategic marketing partner? 

As a marketer, you want to be a valued partner in your client’s business growth. However, the constant need to justify your work in order to maintain your seat at the table is a challenge.

This struggle, according to Stevie V Brown, CEO, and Marketing Systemizer at The Change Starter, stems from a fundamental issue: most businesses don’t understand how marketing works. Without proper expectations and integration from the start, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Stevie reveals her innovative “CARE Factor” framework to vet ideal clients and forge long-term partnerships built on commitment, accountability, realism, and engagement.
If you’re an agency owner or marketer tired of frustration and mistrust, listen to this episode, then take this scorecard assessment to discover which areas you need to optimize for better results.


01:32 What is marketing?

02:28 The realities of marketing for small business owners

08:08 Client expectations vs reality: How to avoid overpromising

11:31 Integrating marketing across all business functions

14:36 How to deal with clients who want too much control

18:30 Setting up marketing contracts with clients

20:50 Contract reviews and renewals

23:10 How to help clients set up realistic marketing expectations

25:47 The four pillars of the CARE Factor framework

32:24 How businesses can prepare for marketing results

37:20 Elevating the marketing profession through accountability

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The Care Factor Fix’ book

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