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Episode 389: The Future of CGI in Car Launches and Marketing with Faruk Heplevent


The automotive industry is undergoing a seismic shift, and CGI is at the heart of this transformation. As traditional methods of car photography and videography struggle to keep pace with the demands of modern marketing, forward-thinking companies are embracing the power of CGI to create visuals that are not only stunning but also highly flexible and efficient.

Leading this charge is Faruk Heplevent, the founder and CEO of Scope CGI Studio. With his unique blend of expertise in car photography and passion for innovation, Faruk has become a trailblazer in the use of full CGI content for car launches and marketing campaigns.

In this episode, Faruk discusses:

  • The evolution of CGI in the automotive industry and its advantages over traditional methods
  • How CGI solves the challenges of using prototype cars for launches and marketing
  • The importance of building full 360-degree locations for flexibility and consistency
  • Adapting visuals to different markets and cultural preferences
  • The future of AI and VR in personalized marketing and customer experiences

Whether you’re in the automotive industry or looking to leverage cutting-edge technology for your marketing efforts, this episode will give you valuable insights into the future of CGI and its potential to transform your business.


00:55 The evolution of car launches: From photography to CGI

02:55 The Shift to CGI in car marketing

05:02 The art of creating realistic CGI locations

10:07 The technical and creative challenges of CGI production

17:17 Adapting to new visual aesthetics and brand consistency

20:47 Global brand perceptions and market differences

21:26 The role of AI in marketing and personalization

23:22 Future of car marketing: data-driven personalization

29:12 The potential of VR in marketing

33:10 The evolution of digital marketing and future trends

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