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Episode 387: Building a Profitable Amazon Influencer Business from Scratch with Norman Farrar


How would it feel to be among the elite few profiting hugely from the often-misunderstood Amazon Influencer Program? If you’re tired of missing out on this low-hanging fruit, it’s time to learn from someone who has cracked the code.

Norman Farrar, AMZ titan, and influencer marketing pro, reveals his step-by-step blueprint for turning the Amazon influencer program into a steady stream of income. 

Norman shares the secrets to:

  • Getting quickly approved as an Amazon Influencer (and avoiding those harsh 3-strike rejections!)
  • Creating engaging, high-converting videos in just 30-45 seconds
  • Increasing product visibility and rankings with external traffic
  • Scaling your influencer business with brand sponsorships and more

Whether you’re new to the program or have struggled to gain traction, this is your chance to unlock a steady stream of effortless Amazon Influencer program revenue. Tune in now!


02:03 What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

04:02 How to get approved for Amazon Influencer Program

06:54 How to get free products and paid promotions as an influencer

08:35 Common influencer mistakes that lead to content rejection

14:40 Leveraging external traffic and Amazon’s Attribution Program

19:18 Scaling your influencer business using brand deals

19:44 Tips for creating viral content as an influencer

25:40 How much content should you create every week? 

28:38 What to do if you get rejected for the Amazon Influencer Program

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