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Episode 385: Mastering Joint Ventures: How To Grow Your Business Through Strategic Partnerships With Charles Byrd


Are you leveraging joint ventures to grow your business? If not, you may be missing out on massive profits.

Today’s guest has the knowledge and experience to help you scale your business through strategic relationships.

Charles Byrd, founder and CEO of PureJV, is here to demystify joint ventures and share proven strategies entrepreneurs can use to establish profitable partnerships.

He uses case studies and personal experiences to demonstrate the advantages of nurturing connections into joint ventures instead of relying solely on paid ads to increase revenue.

Byrd teaches his clients how to pitch and close lucrative deals in as little as 6 minutes! One of Byrd’s clients applied his methods and grew his business from $1.8M to over $6M in just one year through partnerships. 

Interested to know how? Tune in. 


01:28 What is a joint venture?

06:05 How to structure joint venture commission deals

13:26 How to nurture connections after events

20:27 Tips for closing joint venture partnerships in minutes

26:25 Why providing value first is important in forming partnerships

29:29 Choosing the right masterminds and networking groups

32:00 Charles’ $6M+ revenue growth case study

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