5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Business Results on LinkedIn

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Bussiness Results on LinkedIn

There are 5 simple but yet effective things you can do on LinkedIn to drastically improve your business. Here Scott Aaron, author of The Linkedin Book for Network Marketing and The Marketing Workbook for Linkedin, gives five simple ways to optimize LinkedIn for your business.

#1 You Must Have An Optimized Profile

The first thing is to make sure that your profile is optimized. What I love about LinkedIn, is when Microsoft bought them out several years ago, the embedded SEO on all our profiles so they are more searchable, visible, and able to be connected with. There are specific keywords that you must have on your profile to appear in the searches for those individuals that you seek to connect with. 

This is something that I understood, that if I wanted more speaking engagements, client acquisitions and podcast interviews, I had to have those keywords fluttered throughout my profile. Need some help? Check out my LinkedIn Profile Optimizer.

#2 Define Your Client/Business Avatar

The second thing that you should do is defining your client or business avatar. In other words, the person that you are most likely to want to engage with, the person that you are most likely to network with or the person that is most likely to purchase your services.

This is something that I learned very early on. When you are super specific with the network that you were building, it raises your chances inability to close more sales to grow your business using LinkedIn. Make sure you only connect with those who could truly benefit from what you offer and those that can introduce you to your ideal client avatar.

#3 You Need to Message Contacts Correctly

The third thing that you should focus on is the proper way to message a contact. For those that are reading this, I am sure you can relate to me when I say that I have been victimized by a lot of people sending me unwarranted messages on LinkedIn that are 18 paragraphs long drunk-a-logs trying to sell me. That is not going to get me on a phone call or a zoom meeting with you.

What I found is that there is a strategic and best way to message someone on LinkedIn. This took me years of crafting and perfecting messages that are getting back the responses I wanted to build my business.

When sending a message make sure that you craft your message by stating the person’s name first. Make it a relaxed and simple opening line such as, “Hey Chris. It’s great to be connected to you”. 

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The next thing that you want to do is bridge the gap between the other person and yourself.

Stating the connecting point of why you should connect without trying to sell them. Here is an example. “I noticed that we had similar backgrounds in xyz industry, and it would be great to hop on a call to learn more about what we are both doing and how we can best support one another here on LinkedIn”. 

The final thing that you should do is to end your message with a call to action.

Always remember, that questions lead to answers and statements lead to nowhere. I would simply say, “Is there a best day, time and number to reach you on so we can connect?”

#4 Utilize Automated Notification Messages

The fourth thing that you should focus on within LinkedIn is using the automated notification messages that you were provided each day to reengage with all the connections that you have not spoken to in a while. The great thing about LinkedIn is just that. The platform truly wants you to continue building meaningful and genuine business relationships with people on the platform.

Use these automated messages that are given to you every single day in the notification section of the platform to your advantage. You don’t have to get fancy.

What I found was, the more of these messages that I sent out every day, the more reengaged conversations I would create. This truly creates more leads than you have time. Which my friends, is always a good problem to have.

#5 Provide Valuable Content

The fifth and final thing that you must do to grow your business using LinkedIn, is providing relevant, educational, and informative content. The best content practice that you should initiate in your business, is providing three pieces of content per week. This does not matter if it’s a post, article, or video.

Just make sure that you do not sell or pitch in any of the content that you put out on the platform.

Your network is looking to engage with you and learn from you at the very same time. This is something that I learned over the years, that the more that I give to my audience, the more they give back to me.

Scott Aaron

Scott Aaron

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, 3x best-selling author, top podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating income using LinkedIn and building personal brands. Learn more at www.ScottAaron.net

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