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Outshine the Competition with an Unbeatable USP

Master the art of copywriting with the unique selling proposition and start seeing true benefits for your business.

Craft a Unique Offer

A unique offer needs to be strong enough to pique interest and show potential customers that your product or service is unlike any other.

How is Your Product Better?

It’s important to do research around what your prospects really need. From there, building your USP is simple because you can build your offer around solutions.

Define Why Your Service is Great

A USP isn’t necessarily copy. You need to have your USP in mind before crafting your copy and proceed to convey your message with importance to your potential customers.

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Learn the Importance of a USP and See a Shift in Sales

DigitalMarketer will teach you how to hone in on what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

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Discover How to Leverage a USP to Attract Customers

With a bit of effort, you can craft copy that will actually resonate with the right people.

From headlines to search and social ads, your unique selling proposition should be strong and prominent in any copy that’s used to sell or promote your product.

The key is to listen to your audience – that’s what’s really important. As a business trying to gain clients, it’s important that you stand out from the competition, and it’s your job to know what makes you different.

You’ll learn through examples of different company strategies, such as Southwest Airlines. This airline does such a good job of positioning their USP, you already know what makes them stand out from the crowd. No fees for checked bags. No change fees. No other airline has this benefit, and that’s what makes their offers so compelling. They have done an excellent job of ensuring that new and existing customers have a full understanding of their USP by making the “product” the benefit.

And that’s just what you need to do: craft a benefit so unique to your business that it’s impossible for potential customers to say no.


Learn how to build this unique selling proposition in a way that your prospect can picture themselves enjoying it. From there it’s just a matter of ensuring that the USP is resonating properly.

The main idea is to describe immediate and future benefits. This is going to allow those you’re reaching to understand how your product or service is truly beneficial. Once that’s complete, you’re going to be able to utilize everything you learn in this course to craft some incredible copy. From finding your voice to core emotions, you’ll discover aspects of writing you likely didn’t know existed. But once you’ve worked through all the lessons, it’ll become clear how you need to frame your copy in order to reach the customers. Of course, the main focus is to create copy that SELLS. And with proper strategies in place, you should start to see conversion rates rise.

Copywriting includes all kinds of media, such as print ads, web pages, emails – there’s really know limit once you can craft the perfect USP.

Start Building Your Unique Selling Proposition

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