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Episode 371: Crafting SOPs for Business Success with Ngāhuia Galligan


What is the process for creating SOPs? And what are some of the mistakes that people make when systematizing things that they do all the time?

Today we’re talking SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and how important they are when it comes to scaling your business. And not just scaling your business, but standing out too!

If you’re looking to create a step-by-step process for your business, where should you start? Is it the easiest thing that you can outsource – or is it perhaps the one that’s the most draining?

Do we focus on the process or the outcome? When do we let go of control and remove ourselves strategically from the SOP process? How do we measure our efficiency so that we know what we have to improve upon?

To answer all these questions is Ngāhuia Lane Galligan, a returning guest from episode 357! Ngāhuia is the Founder of Harness, a company that focuses on Systems and Processes Design, as well as Documentation & Implementation.

SOPs have never sounded so sexy in this episode of DigitalMarketer which demonstrates that SOPs can be dynamic and empowering and constantly improving. It’s time to create systems that serve the people! Please join us.

To find out more about Ngāhuia Lane Galligan and how Harness can help you plan your process, please check out


01:27 Why are SOPs so important at the small business level?

03:17 Three common mistakes we make when creating SOPs

08:35 Where should you start with creating an SOP?

12:00 How to reduce client churn with the right SOP

15:54 The importance of personalization

19:00 Moving from delegation to trust

23:20 How do we scale our people? Creating systems that serve

26:30 The importance of personal accountability

29:49 What is the outcome you want from being in business?

33:00 Creating SOPs for the right hire!

35:07 Managing your business by process

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