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Episode 357: Harnessing Systems and Processes: A Blueprint for Agency Success with Ngahuia Galligan


Are you an agency owner struggling to scale because you’re at capacity and feel like you can’t take on any more work? When last did you look at your systems and processes as a way to remove bottlenecks in your business?

Every business has systems and processes, whether or not they are defined and documented. And it turns out that the process of establishing processes is a much-needed part of any modern agency. 

With AI software like Scribe to create your step-by-step guides, and project management software like ClickUp and Asana, creating SOPs is part of our daily business routine. But are we thinking macro enough? What is our process for creating processes?

That’s why Ngahuia Galligan, the Founder of Harness, is here to help us! She’s enjoying great success helping agencies looking to scale and set up better processes in their business. And then test, evaluate, and refine until there are no assumptions of knowledge – and no bottlenecks. Sounds awesome, right?

Learn about how we can use AI to free up time for human innovation as we create client onboarding processes and sales prompts that, with the right guidance, can still have the voice and stamp of the owner on it, in an episode of DigitalMarketer that reveals an important step in our ambitions to scale. Please join us.

Visit to learn more about Ngahuia’s work and how to optimize your business systems. 


01:33 Why focus on scaling agencies? 

03:16 How do you convince people of the importance of systems and processes?

04:20 Using AI to fill in some of the steps in the process

06:49 Helping people understand that they still have creative input

07:49 Using AI to free up time for human innovation

08:45 What do processes mean for agencies?

10:00 Learning how to keep a record of what you do so you can build an SOP around it

12:49 Learning to let go (and become less insular)

15:25 Considering the customer’s perspective when it comes to establishing your processes

18:25 Just because we can automate doesn’t mean we should 

22:18 An example of a client onboarding process

23:46 Process Plan! The software for process mapping your processes!

26:10 Why is it so hard to get people to write things down?!?

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