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Episode 347: Crafting a Memorable Brand with Stæven Frey


How do we understand our brand strategy so that we can go after (and achieve) our business goal, using our brand to do it? 

There’s a science to successful branding that is employed to great effect by Fortune 500 copies and the world’s most well-loved brands. 

This science is available to small and medium-sized business owners too. As digital marketers, it is imperative to roll out our marketing initiatives having given thought to whether or not we have a strong brand foundation underpinning our brand.

For Stæven Frey, building your brand is like building a pyramid where your brand is safely housed in the center (like King Tut), and you have a solid structural foundation to begin with. 

Remembering that the goal is to create ‘top-of-mind-ness’ by creating memories and addressing perception to shift behavior, there are at least 30 distinctive brand assets you need as part of your strong foundation before you can truly build your brand.

Uncover a common sense approach to utilizing distinctive brand assets to build your brand that can be adopted even if you don’t have a big marketing budget. 

This conversational journey with Stæven and Mark will leave you feeling inspired in simple ways to make your brand easier to buy and get noticed as they discuss branding ‘no-nos’, the importance of doing your research, when to call in a trademark lawyer, how to assess your category norms, and more. 

Increase the mental and physical visibility of your brand with BrandScience™ today!

Stæven Frey is the chief brand scientist at Quantum Branding and he is super passionate about helping everyday companies without the big budgets of Coca-Cola figure out their brand assets and apply a simple scientific methodology to assess and articulate your brand’s most distinct characteristics.

This episode builds off of a previous episode of DigitalMarketer where Stæven laid out the principles of his BrandScience™ Checklist by taking us on a journey of appreciation of the ‘7 Elements of Sensory Branding’.  


02:11 Understanding marketing as an activity to promote functional trade

05:00 A simple definition of branding: “Recognize Me!”

07:19 Utilizing distinctive brand assets to build your brand

11:35 Achieving the goal of having 30 distinctive brand assets

15:00 How to roll out the 7 elements of sensory branding 

19:08 Appreciating the value of doing research before you design your brand

25:44 Assessing your category norms

27:29 What does it look like to integrate your findings and synthesize what you’ve found?

31:40 Positioning your brand at the center of the pyramid

37:00 Identifying your main distinction points

40:17 How do we start to add brand assets as we build our brand? 

44:52 Watch out for making false claims and using generic marketing terms to be unique

47:25 Recapping the brand laws of growth

50:28 How to shift from ‘survival mode’ to ‘thriving and growing mode’

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