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Episode 338: Unleashing the Power of Brand Science in Business with Stæven Frey


What is brand science? What brand do you reach for first when you stop at a gas station? And how much of a role does your mental availability play in that decision? 

Creating the right sensory experiences through brand exposure to improve memory association is discussed by Stæven in this fascinating episode as he offers up practical ways to implement brand science in your business. 

Stæven Frey is the ‘adorkable’ founder and chief brand scientist at Quantum Branding and he is super passionate about helping everyday companies without the big budgets of Coca-Cola figure out their brand assets and apply a simple scientific methodology to assess and articulate your brand’s most distinct characteristics.

This starts with a Brand Checklist (see link below), and from there we can really begin to appreciate our brand’s sensory assets and build out a brand and marketing platform that is congruent and cohesive. 

Learn about Jungian archetypes, the customer feedback loop, what we know, and what we suspect is coming (with AI) in this TDM episode which emphasizes the importance of understanding your own brand strategy in a sensory world. 

BrandScience™ is an insightful, evidence-based metric that will change how your company competes in the marketplace, taking you to a whole new level and getting you measurable results. 

Since 2004, Quantum has been crafting authentic and memorable brands that outperform the competition, rise beyond the status quo, and deliver iron-clad results. For more information, please visit Quantum Branding.


01:54 What is brand science and what does it mean for marketers?

07:25 How can we implement brand science?

13:30 The Brand Science Checklist – understanding our brand assets

24:50 Why ‘unseen is unsold’ – building relevant brand associations

29:00 How to build your brand platform using your brand assets

32:15 Jungian archetypes as they apply to marketing (and Snickers)

35:40 Understanding ‘light’ versus ‘heavy’ buyers

37:30 Design congruence and how consumers are looking for brand cues

40:00 Understanding the feedback loop of a customer’s brand experience

43:10 How is customizable AI shifting the brand experience? 

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Stæven’s 10 Week Course

Download the Brand Science Checklist

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