Community Management

With Community Management Mastery

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Build a Community to Benefit Your Customers

Learn how to add a community to your marketing strategy and start providing more value to your customers.

Why Community Management?

Creating a healthy environment for your members to connect is important. In this course, we’ll show you how to start building relationships and managing different groups.

Communities that Convert

Learn how, through the right avenues, a community can increase sales for your business.

The Value in Community

There is value for your business when you can create a place where customers feel comfortable sharing feedback and asking questions.


Community Myths Venn Diagram

Connect Your Business Objectives to Your Community

Within your community, you'll be able to strengthen existing relationships and build advocates for your brand.

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Interact with Customers in a Different Way

Foster a community that's excited to be involved with your business.

At DigitalMarketer, we define community as a segment of people who form relationships as a result of shared goals, experiences and interests. Therefore, the role of a community manager is to create a healthy environment for members to connect and interact. This position should also facilitate, strengthen, and encourage relationships while using community to drive business value. Needless to say, it’s a pretty important role.

There is a difference between traditional marketing and a true community – where marketing is driving awareness, leads, and sales, community is driving relationships and connections. With DigitalMarketer, you’ll learn exactly how to connect community to business objectives and how to effectively build and manage these online communities. And while the data may be more qualitative, it’s important because it’s a great place to move people through the marketing funnel.

Within marketing, there is a pyramid of needs. It starts with “Functional Needs” at the bottom and at the top is “Social Impact,” which would provide a person with self-transcendence. The higher a person rises up the pyramid, the more value is offered. Community lives under “Life-changing,” which is the category directly before the top point of the pyramid. This means that community is a high-value product.

So how can you use community to get users to convert? Putting content that attempts to convert members of a community isn’t always the best idea, but using community as an element of value for prospective customers is valuable. For example, DigitalMarketer uses our community as an element of value for Lab Basic. Overall, online communities usually aren’t a great place for direct sales at scale, but they can be the perfect place to move people along the Customer Value Journey and, in turn, see an increase in sales.

Build Relationships with the DigitalMarketer Community

Interact with fellow customers and start to build a report with your community.

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