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Episode 354: Vertical Market Specialization with Corey Quinn


How do you transition from being a generalist to a specialist in vertical markets? 

A lot of marketing agencies start as generalists by reaching out to friends, family, and their professional network, saying, ‘Hey, I’m an agency, send work my way.’ But by marketing to everyone you run the risk of selling to no one.

This is the sage caveat of Corey Quinn, a marketing man with a 25-year-long career in sales and marketing, with a focus on helping agencies scale. 

Corey reckons that generalist agencies are constantly reacting to change and are, therefore unable to create systems as each client is so different.

So how do you select which industry to focus on if you want to specialize? 

Well, you can look at the quantitative data that exists in an industry where you are already client-heavy, and you can look at it from a qualitative perspective and consider which clients you actually enjoy selling for. 

The marketing sands are shifting around us so perhaps it’s time for you to reexamine your agency and where you should be focusing your growth opportunity. 

Corey’s insights will help you not just to pivot to a vertical market, but also scale as you become an industry expert in a more niche field. 

Learn how to hire salespeople with relevant industry experience as you podcast your way to authority, all the while building meaningful relationships and starting to scale. 

Why be a jack of all trades when you can be a master of one? Please join us. 

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02:05 Understanding the difference between specialization and generalization in marketing agencies

05:28 How do you select which industry to focus on if you want to specialize?

09:10 The importance of caring about the clients that you market

12:45 Appreciating the built-in word of mouth that comes with a vertical market

14:46 How do you scale as you start to specialize?

20:11 The value of having a salesperson with a relevant industry background

22:04 More benefits of having a vertical focus!

23:00 Podcasting for the quick win in a specific industry

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