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Episode 370: Understanding Human Experience Optimization as the New SEO with Amara Omoregie


Does the internet feel broken to you, or confusing even? How do we, as digital marketers, adjust to ‘modern SEO’ to get our clients noticed in a world where backlinks and directories just aren’t cutting it anymore? 

Amara Omoregie has the solution for us, and in a way, it’s already here under our noses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to become Human Experience Optimization (HEO) if we are to provide people with a viable alternative to asking their closed Facebook groups (dark social) for advice on a good plumber. 

The way that we do that, according to Amara, is by properly understanding Google’s knowledge graph as well as ‘schema’ and structured data. And while your traffic might drop a bit, the quality of intentional searching for your brand will be better in the long run. 

Learn about natural link attraction and Rank Math as the perfect plugin to help you understand your SEO better in a conversation that will leave you super informed on where SEO is going. 

It’s time to clean up the internet and for us all to feel far less out to sea in this sea of confusing search results that load far too slowly anyway to properly process! Amara is here to show us how. 

Amara Omoregie is the founder of, a company that provides a data-driven, humancentric approach to driving consistent, scalable revenue. 

Her company focuses on aligning sales, marketing, and customer experience for maximum impact and growth efficiency.


01:33 Why is organic traffic declining?

05:17 How SEO used to be versus how it is now

06:30 The value of natural link attraction for SEO 

09:16 Understanding the evolution of Search Engine Results Pages

13:22 Why a reduction in traffic isn’t necessarily a bad thing

15:10 for better-structured data

18:17 Using the Rank math plugin to understand your schema

20:20 How AI is using structured data

23:15 How the search experience will soon mimic generative AI

24:54 Why we need to think about SEO in new ways (Human Experience Optimization)

28:04 Check out for more!

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