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Episode 353: The Wizardry of Lead Forms with The Witch of Marketing, Reena Ayoub


How do you best utilize the lead form on Facebook and Instagram? 

Historically speaking, marketers have been known to avoid these, but today we have Reena Ayoub, CEO of The Witch Of Marketing, to show us how to increase our ad effectiveness and convert interest into sales using effective lead form communication.

The days of complaining about Facebook owning your first-party data are over when considering that, for most of your clients, it’s an easier buy-in if the lead form is clear in its messaging and is not riddled with awkward automated responses. 

Plus, it’s nowadays a far easier way to get started with an offer. 

Gone are the days of creating a landing page, integrating form and email marketing software, and creating your own drip campaign. 

Say goodbye to bots spamming you with offers on your own offer page.

The advantages of lead forms on social media channels are plentiful and Reena clearly articulates lead form best practices, showing social proof, and industry-specific messaging in an episode of DigitalMarketer that will have you creating your own lead form from your Ad Pages account in no time!

Reena Ayoub is The Witch of Marketing, helping businesses profitably get new customers, make more sales, and save a ton of time since 2014.


01:23 Why use built-in forms instead of redirecting people to your website?

05:00 Lead form best practices

06:57 How to be clear on your offer in a lead form

10:02 The importance of showing social proof

11:29 Appreciating the nuances of industry-specific lead forms

14:29 Effective, automated communication prompts 

18:41 Beware the spam you get on your own website form!

22:39 Taking Action! Getting into your Ad page and creating your own lead form

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