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Episode 269: The Next Evolution of Online Courses with Marisa Murgatroyd


In today’s episode Mark sits down with Marisa Murgatroyd and talks about what the online course experience is like today versus the educational experience we all grew up with. Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, and she has helped over 11,159 people fulfill their dream of creating an online course. She’s spent years figuring out how to break the industry standard and create courses that inspire action and transformation instead of just sitting on the digital shelf.


  • How to Motivate Clients into Spending Big Bucks
  • The Secrets of the “Silicon Valley Tech Bros”
  • How to Get People to the Bottom of Your Funnel
  • How to Make Sure Your Students Don’t Get Bored During Your Course
  • How to Reinforce Wins to Keep Students Engaged
  • and so much more

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