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Episode 373: The Ins and Outs of Experiential Marketing with Kim Trieu


How can experiential marketing help grow your brand? Considered by many to be the future of what we will be doing as marketers anyway, experiential marketing is about a lot more than pulling off a good party with a photo booth on the side.

Kim Trieu is someone who ‘curates experiences and brings people together’. In today’s episode, she’s sharing with us why experiential marketing is not just a ‘channel’, but part of a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy.

How do you invite guests in, make the event and brand engagement memorable, and keep them thinking about you and your brand, long after the event? Or even until your next event rolls around!

Learn about ‘temple moments’, a ‘red line experience’, and appreciating social currency as a key KPI in an episode of DigitalMarketer that takes you through the process of planning an event to using it to create good content afterward – all in the name of authentic client engagement. Please join us. 

Kim Trieu leads Global Events and Experiences for Expedia Group. You can hear at or on LinkedIn at the link below. 


01:15 What is experiential marketing?

04:05 What is the process of planning an event?

08:00 How do you choose a ‘temple moment’? 

11:00 Taking educated risks with your experiential marketing event

13:20 What is Kim’s favorite experience that she’s put together?

16:00 What happens after the event from a marketing perspective? 

17:40 Getting people to your next event: creating authentic interaction

19:10 How event staffing is undervalued (getting good brand ambassadors)

21:05 Using your event to create good content

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