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Episode 358: Strategies for 6-Figure ROI Using Live Events with Etan Polinger


What does it take to generate a six-figure ROI on a marketing event to engage with new customers and wow them with your brand right out the gate? 

Today Etan Polinger is providing us with two specific case studies on how he got a 6-figure return on an event for his clients – and how you can replicate his results.

How much are you willing to invest to acquire a client properly? Does spending $5K to get 170 people at your event, sharing their photos, and engaging with your brand seem like a lot? 

Not really, especially when the sales you generate from the event are over $100K – and that’s not even mentioning the leads that come from it!

Solid marketing principles are on offer in this episode of DigitalMarketer which reminds us of the importance of the human experience when getting a potential new customer to buy into your brand. 

Ask yourself: Why should someone care and come to your event? And: How do you turn what the client expects into a ‘wow’!

From event touchstones to the email marketing buildup, and from Etan’s hands-on approach of making the event look professional on the day, this episode has it all. 

There are practical and philosophical lessons to be gleaned for digital marketers out there as the world returns to live events in a more prosperous, post-pandemic climate. 

Perhaps it’s time for you to revisit the power of a well-marketed live event tailored to meet your business needs. Please join us to find out more.

Etan Polinger is the founder of Prosperous Media, a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and more. 

Etan is a member of The DigitalMarketer faculty and you can find more of his insightful content on our website.


01:57 Unpacking the evolution of Etan’s sales flow idea

04:28 Creating early anticipation via email (how to hype your event)

07:43 Understanding the marketing steps and ideas leading up to the event

13:25 What did the whole process cost?

16:17 Why should people care about your offer and come to your event?

18:19 What is your way to sell? How do you get clients to buy at the event?

20:04 What happens when your leads and traffic run out? 

22:43 Appreciating an event experience as a way to connect with your client

24:56 What is the behavioral flow for someone at your event? Guiding someone to buy

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