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Episode 319: Social Media Marketing Made Simple with Rudy Mawer


What does your audience want? What platform are you posting on? And what are you really great at? These are the three key variables Rudy Mawer considers when creating online content. 

Rudy is a digital marketing strategist, helping companies scale effectively using social media marketing. He is in the studio and in conversation with The DigitalMarketer’s Mark De Grasse.  

Is Instagram a better place to grow your brand than TikTok? How do businesses combine paid advertising with organic content? And when should you boost your content?  

The answers to these and more social media marketing conundrums we’ve all mulled over are all covered by a social media whiz kid who is sharing his strategies and advice on how to grow your brand online. 

The future of Facebook groups and building your tribe, as well as what it takes to stand out from the crowd in today’s overpopulated social media landscape is well articulated by Rudy Mawer ahead of his involvement with TDM. 

Rudy is also chatting about some of the materials he and TDM are using in the Social Media Certification course coming out in Q1 2023. 

Rudy Mawer is Living The Red Life (also the name of his podcast). As a celebrity marketer and social media marketing specialist, Rudy also invests in companies through his company, Mawer Capital, helping them scale. He is the CEO to multiple brands and companies and employs over 100 staff in his company.


00:57 Understanding how Rudy is ‘everywhere’ these days

01:58 What Rudy learned from DM

02:44 Are Facebook and Instagram dead?

04:10 How does Rudy balance paid advertising with organic content for a Facebook launch? 

04:53 How Facebook Groups and communities are being pushed these days

06:05 Has there been a change in the cost of Facebook ads?

07:15 How to create valuable content for social media – Rudy’s three key variables

08:34 How do you stand out from the crowd?

10:02 How did Rudy create the Red Life persona?

12:56 How to integrate boosting your content with your ads

14:31 Why should anyone use Instagram instead of TikTok?

16:10 What is Rudy teaching in the Social Media Certification course?

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