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Episode 306: Probably You Should – Organic TikTok Growth


Understanding how your business can market itself effectively on the wildly popular social media platform that is TikTok involves combining some traditional digital marketing savvy with innovative creative thinking to stand out from the crowd. 

Ylane Duparc is the owner of Probably, a full-service TikTok agency that has been growing subscription bases and business for its clients in tough, perhaps more ‘boring’ industries such as finance. 

Does the shotgun approach work (i.e. try everything if you’re just starting out on TikTok)? How do you turn views into subscribers and does it matter to the algorithm if your video looks like an ad? 

Ylane unpacks this all with Mark in an episode of The DigitalMarketer that, like a great TikTok video itself, is easily digestible and imminently entertaining. 

If you want to learn more about which lead magnets actually work, and how to turn your quantity of content into quality of engagement, then this episode is right up your alley. 

Or should that be: top of your algorithm? Please join us. 

Ylane Duparc is the owner of Probably Agency — ‘Organic Growth on TikTok Made Simple’. 

A background in theater directing and being an early adopter on the viral video platform himself has allowed Ylane and his team to take some amazing clients from small to huge followings in more traditional spaces. 

Ylane’s unique approach to problem solution, industry analysis, viewer engagement, and smart sales funnels has enabled him to offer a TikTok video subscription service that could successfully scale your business.


02:15 Evaluating your audience, assessing what they’re looking for, and creating curiosity

04:35 Does the shotgun approach of ‘trying everything’ actually work? 

06:10 Is it quantity over quality with regards to the amount of TikTok videos you post?

08:19 How to convert views into subscribers

10:00 Advice on turning views into leads and clients (monetizing your funnels)

12:46 Will your video suffer if you have too many links that make it seem like an ad?

14:37 Do any lead magnets work better than others? Clue: use the same medium

16:50 Applying Ylane’s creative background to TikTok

19:12 Engagement Tips: talking heads, industry analysis, script writing, and nailing the hook! 

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