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Episode 372: No-Code Solutions for Digital Marketing Success with Lucas James


Have you heard of No-Code, the software development approach that allows you to effortlessly build an app with simple drag and drop? 

This is great news for digital marketers looking to execute their ideas without waiting months for their coder to get back to them. 

Getting your hands dirty as you build your own software solution also keeps you connected to the problem you’re solving. Not only can you control the iteration process, but you also know what you’re talking about when it’s time to sell your app to your clients.

Lucas James is the CEO and Co-Founder of Twiz, pioneering No-Code app building and proving to us today that the future for digital marketers doesn’t mean fearing coding complexities. 

The barrier for entry has been removed as we learn how to embrace AI and no-code and develop software that we can scale and sell, rather than getting stuck in the ideation process, and relying on someone else to do the backend. 

It’s time for us as digital marketers to get our hands dirty – even if it is just drag and drop!

You can find out more about Lucas James and the work he does at Twiz by visiting


01:30 What is No-Code?

03:54 The joy of controlling the iteration process

07:00 How does Lucas’s product work?

08:25 “Self-usage”: building stuff based on a process you have complete knowledge of

10:26 The future of digital programming

13:58 When will marketers be able to offer this software as a service?

15:52 Having a direct connection between the problem and the solution

18:00 Building and scaling a software product: keeping the end in mind

19:13 From ideation to execution using No-Code 

23:58 How the barrier to entry to code with AI has been removed

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