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Episode 360: How To Use Email to Grow Your Customer Base with Big Jason Henderson


What does it take to make your email stand out from the crowd? Is it going straight to the Gmail Promotions folder, or worse yet, straight to Spam?!?

Does email even still work? How familiar should I sound when I hit up my email list? And how do I know whether or not my emails are working? 

Big Jason Henderson is an email marketing expert, here today to debunk some major email marketing myths and give us all food for thought before we hit send on that next email newsletter. 

Beware the marketers telling you that they’re crushing it when all they’re doing is spending hundreds of thousands on lead generation. 

Know your market and keep up with it consistently, even using AI to do the research if it’s an industry that you don’t keep up to date with naturally. 

Online ‘best practices’ are merely ‘pooled ignorances’ as we learn that copying what others tell you is working isn’t always prudent. 

Good marketing requires executing the basics well, testing, and then staying consistent with your brand voice.

Tune in and learn about split testing (images or no images, HTML versus plain text), and why ‘clarity is persuasion’ as we are reminded not to be afraid to be ourselves and have a one-on-one conversation with our customer that might well elicit an actual reply! Because that’s a success you can measure. 

Big Jason Henderson is an Email Revenue Optimization Specialist at Breakthrough Email Marketing, responsible for $850 million in email sales. Find out more at


01:24 How is email doing today? Understanding competition for the inbox

03:11 How do you make your email stand out?

04:22 Debunking some of the email marketing myths

07:28 Should you sound too familiar when you email? The Obama-era error

09:16 What content should you include in your emails?

10:26 Advice on how to stay in your brand voice 

14:28 What is a good method of testing if your email is working?

24:58 Stop trying to scam Google!

25:46 How to make good email copy for your clients

29:40 Sending out a personal email before a promotional one

32:56 Debunking paid lead generation as true success

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