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Episode 359: How To Grow Your Instagram Account with Michelle Gifford


What does it take to grow your business with Instagram? Are you looking for likes, saves, or plain old follows? 

Michelle Gifford is the CEO of Michelle Gifford Creative and in one short year, she was able to grow her audience by gaining one hundred thousand new followers.  

Becoming a smart content creator on a platform such as Instagram (that’s been around for a while now) requires more than just throwing hashtags into your daily posts and hoping for the best. 

The crux of the matter lies in respecting that as it’s matured, Instagram has become more of a search engine – with the algorithm as a matchmaker for your search needs. So if you want to get noticed, you’re going to need to start niching down.

Today’s episode of DigitalMarketer is jam-packed with all the latest practical account-growing advice from Michelle, who was recently on a call with Instagram Head Office (perhaps even ‘the algorithm’ itself!’) and is now graciously sharing her game-changing tips. 

Learn how to use Reels for attraction, carousels, and your feed as nurture content, when to use closed captions, and how many hashtags and keywords to include in your text as we learn to use the algorithm, not fight it.

Is it time for your content strategy to change? Join us to find out! 

Michelle Gifford is an Instagram Strategist who will help you create a content strategy that makes you more money and more impact. 


01:15 What happened to Instagram? Unpacking the frustration

02:50 Is it time for a strategy revamp? Niching down

06:45 What keywords should you include for the algorithm?

10:12 Should hashtags be in your captions?

11:19 When to use closed captions in your videos

12:33 Using Reels to grow your following

15:06 Using your feed as nurture and attraction content

18:27 How to make a good Reel

21:20 Should you research other people in your space to create better content?

24:15 How long should it take you to produce a Reel?

25:48 Unpacking the right KPIs for measuring your traction

28:16 How often should you be posting to grow your audience?

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