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Episode 365: How to Create Personalized Emails at Scale using ChatGPT with Carlos and Tobias Noyes


How can you leverage AI to increase your email open rates? How about asking ChatGPT to curate a personalized email? 

All you need is a website and an email address and you’re good to go. But can you do it at scale though?

Brothers Carlos and Tobias Moyes have combined their coding and marketing experience to bring us ways to offer personalized products at scale. 

By scraping website and social media data, they can refine their ChatGPT prompts to create customized emails and subject lines, leading to an increase in email open rates by up to 50%.

Mention of the word ‘scraping’ conjures up ideas of the dark arts of marketing and how companies are using our personal data to target consumers unknowingly. 

Today’s episode explores that idea, arguing that our internet data has been ranked and organized using AI since the dawn of time anyway. 

As we get more hands-on with ChatGPT and its prompts, learning to embrace the disruption rather than ignore it (just like Carlos and Tobias did), there are increasingly more effective ways to engage with potential new clients that demonstrate that you’re prepared to lead with a touch of personalization. 

Tune in to know how to amplify this so that you’re sending out 10,000 emails and not just a few hundred. 

Their savvy approach to scaling one’s marketing outreach using the tools of AI available to us all already is great food for thought as we appreciate the simple and approachable method of refined prompt engineering with a clear purpose. 


02:13 Offering personalized products at scale

03:53 Deciding to be a part of ChatGPT’s early disruption

06:19 The Beauty of Personalization at Scale

07:32 What is ‘scraping’? How is AI using it?

09:18 Understanding the approach to working with clients

12:15 What you put in is what you get out: maximizing ChatGPT

15:18 Is there a follow-up approach to the cold emails?

18:50 Using LinkedIn instead of websites for client outreach

21:48 How does scraping prevention work?

24:23 The efficacy of using AI to increase your email open rate by 50%

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