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Episode 369: How to Craft Offers That Sell by Solving Client Problems with Eugene Song


What good is an offer if you can’t convert? Lead conversion services, like sales follow-up to make offers more compelling, is today’s hot topic, and here to discuss it is the Director Of Strategic Operations at Alien Leads, Eugene Song.

Eugene is sharing the insights he gained from reading Alex Hormozi’s book, ‘The $100M Offer’. He learned that he needed to focus more on solving client problems than just trying to scale. 

Along with tips on lead conversion optimization, Eugene and Mark also discuss ideas for new offers around sales funnel building and using AI for lead handling. They also dream of an imminent AI future where you can train your digital personal assistant to navigate your desktop and do more grunt work. 

Learn about ‘speed to contact’ and turning ‘the offer’ into a product service development process for your business in an episode of DigitalMarketer that reminds us that sales funnels are the lifeblood of your business. 

Eugene Song oversees marketing campaigns in multiple channels in the financial industry, with his specialty being Search Engine Optimization. 


03:05 What Eugene got out of Alex Hormozi’s ‘100 Million Dollar Offer’

07:30 Learning how to put your own skill sets together creatively for your offer

08:40 Understanding ‘Speed to Contact’

12:46 Turning ‘the offer’ into a product service development process

15:00 Sales funnels as the lifeblood of your business

20:50 Making the entrepreneurial mistake of thinking about ‘scale’ first

24:36 If you learn enough, you’ll be able to adjust to anything

26:50 What are the 3 big projects you can accomplish every quarter? 

28:47 Mark’s initial thoughts on trying ChatGPT when it first came out

33:44 Having a personal digital assistant that can control your desktop

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