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Episode 375: How To Capture Customer Attention with Digital Wizard Nick Golev


How can a magician possibly help a financial coach better sell his online course? By reducing his lead magnet cost from $400 to $37 per lead. And that’s just for starters. 

Nick Golev is helping coaches in various industries produce content and increase their revenues and following. 

Nick’s background as a magician filming his tricks and developing his confidence in front of the camera has prepared him to help other online coaches capture the attention of their ideal customers.

Today he’s waving his hand over the production process of a social media reel, using a case study to demonstrate the easy-to-follow, super-practical steps he takes his clients through to get more eyeballs (and leads). 

Learn about the power of the first five seconds, how to remix your client testimonials for maximum effect, and the importance of a super strong call to action. 

Join us on an episode that is applicable to anyone wanting to keep abreast of the algorithm in our avaricious attention economy. 

Nick Golev is the co-founder of Digital Wizards agency, which has thus far generated 11 million subscribers and 2 billion views. Offering full-service digital marketing, you can find him in the links below.


01:49 Capitalizing on the attention economy (with cleverly repurposed content)

03:36 How Nick was able to reduce the cost per lead of a financial coach’s course

05:08 Leveraging the viewer’s pain point + providing the solution

06:15 How to use your customer testimonials more effectively on your reels

07:12 Creating a strong Call To Action

08:33 Engaging your viewer in an engaging way

10:40 How much ad spend per day do you need to create impact?

15:24 Using five different hooks (with the same main content)

17:18 The Power of The Irresistible Offer

19:47 Remembering to Feel Relaxed (communicating with your own phone)

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