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Episode 325: Embracing the Experience of Google’s New EEAT Search Engine with Julia McCoy


What is Google’s new generative AI going to mean for you and your business? 

There are big happenings in the world of AI, none more so than Google’s recent I/O keynote, where they unveiled a whole new search model (pretty much). 

And so if you want to eat, you’re going to need to learn to EEAT. Extra emphasis on the first E. The E-E-A-T Google acronym stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

Google will no longer be prioritizing Authoritative articles on skydiving. Rather, if you want the high ranking, you’ll need to prove that you jumped out of the plane!

With 80% of the world’s internet traffic and $162 billion in revenue in 2022 from search alone, Google knows that it needs to drive traffic back to its publishers. 

And so, they’re rewarding content creators who combine their Expertise with actual Experience. 

This is good news for marketers, and great news for content creators worrying about the AI wolf at the door. 

Julia McCoy is reminding the TDM audience that having a presence, choosing a niche, and sharing lots of content within that niche matters more than ever. 

Host Mark de Grasse is throwing in some measured skepticism about whether or not Google will be swiping our content anyway and what will happen if their plan doesn’t work. 

All of this makes for engaging content on how we can be an E (expert) rather than a C (chatbot) in this AI-crazy world. 

Julia McCoy is the President of Content at Scale and is a bonafide AI Expert with added Experience. Content at Scale is the world’s fastest-growing AI writing platform for SEO marketers. 

A go-to resource for marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers looking to step into the new world of AI with knowledge and integrity, Content at Scale helps marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers adapt to AI content without losing the human touch. 

*Check out Episode 322 of The DigitalMarketer, which featured an interview with Content at Scale’s Founder, Justin McGill.


01:20 What is Google generative AI all about?

08:58 What examples were highlighted at Google’s IO keynote?

10:20 Can we trust Google?

11:55 How hard will it be to be featured as an expert contributor?

18:30 Will Google’s new approach work for the average person?

19:30 Will Google care how we create our content (using AI)?

22:00 Google’s struggles as an ‘old’ company

23:15 Understanding what Google means by ‘Experience’

26:20 How will Google’s tracking work?

29:00 How to tie your advertisers into your content

31:00 How is Google AI going to appease its publishers?

31:50 How do I publish content to get ahead of Google generative AI?

34:10 Why content creators will still be valuable

36:00 The value of identifying your unique content style

39:50 Does domain authority still matter?

41:00 The advent of VR and a future marketer’s paradise

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