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Episode 351: Foolproof Framework for Content Success with Ken Okazaki


Is it quantity over quality when it comes to video content these days? Ken Okazaki seems to think so. He creates content rollouts for his clients that require an hour of recording each month to create about 100 videos so that you can see what works and then refine and iterate from there. 

Take a look at your own DMs on social media and study your own behavior. See what video you shared recently, and then try to identify the emotion behind that video. Why did you share it? Then try and shoot that same video that’s going to tap into that same emotion for someone else!

This is just one of the many content creation tips that Ken has to share with us today. Ken Okazaki has worked with the likes of Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins, helping them plan, optimize, and launch their video campaigns. 

For Ken, it’s about sticking to a simple framework when it comes to making videos. Learn what that is as well as terms like TTI and ‘aspirational authority’ from an industry titan who is looking at the data that even the algorithm ignores when it comes to determining what holds people’s attention. 

From The 7 Second Rule to advice on how to create a good hook, and from whom Ken is looking to for insights and inspiration in the online world of influence, this is an episode of DigitalMarketer that will help you ensure that your best ideas don’t just end up doomed for eternity in that ‘ideas folder’ of yours.

Practical, actionable advice on how to create quantity content so that you can get to quality content soon after that is on offer, right here. It’s time for you to eliminate the guesswork and show up in front of the camera! Please join us.

Ken Okazaki creates irresistibility that converts high-quality clients.


02:10 Can you produce one good video a week?

05:16 What is ‘the work’? Understanding time compression to make lots of good videos

09:20 How Ken Okazaki approaches content creation

11:06 The importance of finding your own video formula (within a framework)

14:02 Unpacking aspirational authority

17:26 Who is Ken looking at for framework ideas and inspiration?

19:46 Why online style has to be definitive

21:03 How does Ken audit other people’s successful videos?

24:15 The 7-Second Rule (video editing hot tip)

25:58 How do you create a good hook?

29:31 The value of synergistic feedback as you test new material

31:09 How many videos does it take to figure out a level of styling?

33:42 How does Ken decide when to expand into long-form content with his clients?

37:34 Ken’s advice for aspiring content creators

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