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Episode 377: Five Lightbulb Moments for Better Marketing Messaging with Billy Broas


When last did you assess your copywriting strategy? Not from the marketer’s perspective, but from that of your customer. Are you actually in alignment with what they are thinking – and does your offer truly speak to their needs?

Today’s episode involves not one but five lightbulb moments that will help you craft a stronger marketing message for your product or service. 

Billy Broas has niched down into copywriting as his preferred skill set and because it’s the biggest needle mover when you get it right. 

How you get it right is with The Five Lightbulbs Messaging Framework that Billy is walking us through today (we get to walk over a bridge to a land where your customer’s tension is released).

Using visual imagery for better memory recollection, these five lightbulb moments will undoubtedly force you to understand your customers better, expose the environment of solutions available to them, and define your messaging approach. 

You will also get to choose the vehicle for your approach as you build belief by painting the right before and after picture. 

It may sound complicated, and you may have to picture a bear and an owl, but honestly, this framework is the bee’s knees when it comes to creating stronger marketing messaging. 
Billy Broas is the Founder of The Five Lightbulbs. You can find him at or check out the link below for a swipe file of his fabulous framework.


01:50 Why did Billy choose copywriting as a marketing skill?

04:04 What You Say, How You Say It, How You Amplify It

05:49 Developing a framework for successful messaging

07:18 What are the 5 Light Bulbs?

10:14 Understanding your Customer’s Status Quo

12:37 Giving voice to your fear

17:36 Defining your approach to messaging

19:34 What is the vehicle for your approach?

21:35 What is your offer? Talking about your experience

24:25 Painting a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture

27:11 The power of belief building

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Five Lightbulbs Framework

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