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Episode 376: Finding The Balance Between AI and the Human Touch with Ben Albert


Could AI be the crutch that ruins your career? A forthright member of the DigitalMarketer community certainly seems to think so! 

Fans of the show will know that the topic of AI has come up just a few times in the last year or so. And while it’s invariably been trumpeting the latest AI tool to make the online marketer’s life easy, today’s guest begs to differ. 

Ben Albert is from Real Business Connections and instead of bowing at the altar of ChatGPT, he’s trumpeting the human-to-human essentials that make for good marketing. 

Managing human relationships is the number one marketing skill these days, concurs Mark. Managing your AI prompts might well be number two.

The fundamentals of marketing are unequivocally laid out for us as we are reminded to Know, Like, and Trust. Approaching your AI content generation with a degree of curiosity is the next step as we grow creatively from hearing a different perspective. 

Finding the balance between AI and the human touch is our new marketing challenge. We are, after all, only human, so let’s revel in our fallible pursuit! 

(Full disclosure: this content was not AI-generated.) 

Real Business Connections is Ben Albert’s business – and the name of his podcast. He interviews executives, entrepreneurs, convicts, behavior scientists, sales trainers, wellness experts, and more. 


02:08 Know, Like, and Trust: Foundational Marketing

05:18 Why managing relationships is the #1 marketing skill

07:00 Appreciating that everyone’s favorite word is their own name

09:50 The good news for marketers

10:30 How do you find a balance between AI and the human marketing touch?

14:18 Becoming the right formulator for AI-generated content production

15:45 The importance of building healthy relationships with your clients

18:06 How PPC changed the marketing game 

20:17 Should you disclose when your published content was AI-generated?

23:05 Using AI to feed your own curiosity

25:55 How can you build a basic understanding of marketing?

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