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Episode 352: Create Your Own AI Success Story with Scott Clary


Is AI coming for your job? And are you afraid to embrace this new tool in all its various tech guises? 

Scott Clary and Mark de Grasse are encouraging you to embrace the fear, pick up the tool that is AI, and use it to augment the work you are already doing, freeing you up to do better, more important work as you learn and grow!

Scott is the host of the Success Story podcast where he interviews inspirational people, mentors, and leaders, and the founder of a weekly business newsletter with over 200,000 subscribers. 

Mark was actually Scott’s first guest, and that first episode was also Mark’s first podcast. 

Since then, Scott has gone on to produce over 400 episodes and today he’s sharing just how he’s using AI to assist with show notes, creating the right prompts for creating blog content, as well as developing an authentic brand voice, over time. 

As an entrepreneur and investor as well these days, using AI with his staff (without anyone losing their jobs) has also been a game-changer. 

Together Mark and Scott are extolling the virtues of AI as they make predictions that they will hopefully look back on and re-publish in time in an authoritative ‘I told you so’ kinda way that will make them look like marketing soothsayers!

To be fair though, their marketing logic is grounded in the core philosophy of valuing your customer as you communicate your offer. 

From the bricks-and-mortar businesses that need some well-crafted SEO-friendly landing pages to the AI software that allows you to justify your online arguments with verified citations and research papers, there are tips and techniques for digital marketers and entrepreneurs alike! Please join us.


01:58 Scott shares his marketing background (and how he got to 400 podcasts!)

04:10 How is Scott using AI to enhance his business?

08:44 Understanding the potential of AI for brick-and-mortar business owners

13:22 Why marketers need to work to earn the Lifetime Customer (the dawn of a new age of marketing!)

16:39 How do we leverage AI to create a post-sale comprehensive support system?

18:37 Using ChatGPT to prompt your own creativity (removing the heavy lifting)

20:55 Embracing AI in the work culture to augment the work you’re already doing

23:04 How ChatGPT is built on search results (+ introducing Bard)

24:33 for when you want to justify an argument with online citations and references!

26:13 The importance of doing your own research online while using AI

28:02 Using AI to create prompts to create content to create a brand voice

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