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Episode 23: Garrett Holmes, Director of Content @ DigitalMarketer on How to Create Content That Your Audience Actually Wants to Consume


Garrett Holmes may be Director of Content now, but he got his start in hospitality. Because of this, he has kept the customer experience as his priority. This week he explains how to figure out what your audience wants and then create it in a way that drives engagement.

Garrett explains that first impressions are just as important in content as they are in person. He also shows you how to use social media to A/B test the content that will have the highest ROI and walks through how to properly use content in your marketing strategy.


  • How to use social media as a proving ground to understand the behavior of your audience and how to use that info to get more people engaged
  • Why using content as a platform for retargeting users creates a more efficient ROI
  • The most popular article posted to the DigitalMarketer blog post, year after year, and how we use it in our marketing strategy to increase our audience reach and conversions
  • Why long-form video content is the future and how you can use it in your business


Garrett on LinkedIn
The Digital Marketer Blog
The Perpetual Content Calendar: A 3-Step Framework to Generate Content with a Lean Team

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