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Episode 19: AJ Wilcox, Founder @ B2Linked on When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads


Which platform will have the highest campaign conversion rates for a B2B company, Facebook or LinkedIn?

According to AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked, the answer is LinkedIn. AJ is an expert at LinkedIn marketing. He explains, in this week’s episode, that LinkedIn has exclusive information regarding their user’s professional life. This data allows for specific business-based advertising that Facebook can’t compete with.

AJ also breaks down the 2 advertisement essentials for a successful campaign, why it’s worth the high price tag of LinkedIn advertising, and his advice for aspiring digital marketers.

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  • Who should use LinkedIn to promote their business and who shouldn’t
  • How LinkedIn differs from Facebook as an advertising platform
  • How LinkedIn’s targeting will help you better reach your audience
  • Why you might want to test your campaign on Facebook prior to LinkedIn


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