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Episode 317: Creating Conversions from Direct Marketing, using Digital, with Robert Lee


Are you interested in combining your more old-school, direct marketing (e.g., mail-in) with more modern digital marketing methods? 

Robert Lee is the owner of Atlanta Business Circulators and a Certified Partner with The DigitalMarketer.

Robert sheds light on the statistics around how direct mail marketing still has its place and how long even a piece of ‘junk mail’ will hang around in your house. 

The real opportunities that have been created in Robert’s business over the past year have been with how he has embraced digital marketing to give his direct marketing a more personal touch. 

From printed QR codes that take you to a landing page (with your name on it!) to innovative offers that you can advise your vendors on to grow their business, Robert testifies to the growth acceleration framework and support from TDM that helps him grow his business – which in turn helps other businesses grow theirs. 

It’s an entrepreneurial thing of beauty and a reminder of the valuable role marketing has to play in helping small businesses grow. 

Robert Lee is the owner of Atlanta Business Circulators and Lesix Agency. Robert brings years of experience in private business as a process auditor and certified Project Management Professional to his clients. His services offered include digital marketing, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, and advertising.

Robert is enjoying increased success as a Certified Partner of The DigitalMarketer Agency Accelerator Program.


01:14 Does mail-in marketing still work?

02:39 How can you combine mail-in marketing with digital? 

06:21 In what industries do a combination of both work?

09:33 What mail-in offers work well with creating online conversions?

11:35 How to prep your vendor before they make an offer

17:39 How does the affiliate program tie in with growth acceleration

19:31 Robert shares the merits of being a certified partner

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