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Episode 366: Beyond Infobesity – Crafting Compelling Content Consistently with Geoffrey Klein


How do you create consistency with your content? And how do you make sure your content is worth the time people are going to give you to pay attention to it? 

As new distribution tools for content continue to evolve, being able to communicate through telling a story is more important than ever. 

So too is being consistently on brand and being consistent over time. Even if it means repurposing old content and resharing it again when something you once said (and banished to a hard drive folder) is suddenly newsworthy again. 

This is the advice of Geoffrey Klein, AKA Mr. Purple, author of ‘The Content Beast: Create story-driven content to connect with your audience’. 

Geoffrey is sharing the successful strategy behind how he got 352K views on his TEDx talk and the content campaign he did leading up to it.

Old-school marketing values are espoused in today’s episode reminding us to continue the conversation with our customers beyond the transaction. 

It’s about building a relationship; it’s about how we make our customers feel

And to get there, to that place where you’ve captured your customer’s attention and imagination, requires reverse engineering content from what they care about to what you then create. 

Learn how Mr. Purple did just that with content pillars that battle ‘infobesity’ – and more! 

Geoffrey Klein is the Founder, President, and CEO of 9 Dots. You can check out his new book, ‘The Content Beast: Create story-driven content to connect with your audience’, at the link below. 


01:12 How is content evolving? Appreciating the new distribution tools (and the old model of storytelling)

02:50 Understanding ‘infobesity’

04:16 The 11th Commandment: ‘Know Thy Audience’ (adopting a customer-centric mentality)

07:00 How to connect good content with a revenue stream

08:25 Understanding the Story PAD (Pain, Answer, Difference it makes)

11:58 How to differentiate between content for brand awareness and content for retention (CLV)

16:24 How to justify your content marketing campaign to an executive

18:15 How consistency leads to loyalty (and brand advocacy)

19:36 Why having an integrated content strategy is so important

20:50 How Geoffrey’s TEDx  talk got so many eyeballs

22:18 ‘Playing the hits’: repurposing successful content and resharing it

25:24 Understanding audience segmentation 

27:32 How content connects you (and reinforces that connection over time)

28:50 ‘ERA’: Experiment, Review, Adjust!

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Buy Geoffrey’s The Content Beast eBook : Klein, Geoffrey: Kindle Store 


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