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Episode 346: Content Creation Secrets – Lessons from TK422’s Gun Safe Success with Leon McIntosh


How do you showcase what you do for a living when the work involves building gun displays and safe rooms? 

Gun control is a delicate topic, and some clients are sensitive about showing off their new gun safes from a privacy perspective.

Leon McIntosh is the Head of Marketing and CMO of TK422 Customs and Firearms Depot and in today’s insightful episode of DigitalMarketer he’s addressing the power of sharing your process from a marketing perspective as you grow your brand. 

There’s an entire story to be told, from whiteboard idea generation to final production and installation. 

And rather than just release a boring corporate-looking PR video when you’ve finally finished your prototype, Leon and his team are creating great content as they go along. 

This goes a long way towards reinforcing the idea that you know what you are doing when it comes to gun-safe design and construction, and lands your products in the hands of Keanu Reeves in the latest John Wick movie, for example! 

The power of organic marketing reach, achieved by telling your brand story on Instagram, cannot be underestimated, and can even get you to Hollywood! 

Creating your ‘why’, sticking to a schedule, and sharing your brand journey successes (and failures) are just some of the tips on offer from Leon in this episode of DigitalMarketer that will get you thinking out of the box with your marketing initiatives from the safety of your impressive new safe room!


01:56 What media content is TK422 generating around its gun safes and vault rooms?

04:50 How does TK422 combine product design with the content they’re creating?

07:48 Finding new business from the movies (John Wick!) using Instagram

10:49 The power of sharing your process as you grow your brand

16:38 What are the challenges when it comes to wanting to scale?

19:49 Content creation tips (based on the success of the safes)

21:50 Unpacking the Customer Journey (showcasing the humanity)

24:28 Learning not to hold yourself to the Internet’s expectations

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