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Episode 53: Building a Discoverable Brand & Agency with Garrett Mehrguth


This episode we’re getting real about what it’s really like to start an agency and the intense emotional ride we are on as marketers (we’re not crying, you’re crying!!).

Jenna sits down with Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive Consulting, and talks about how easy it is to lose our joy when we fail as marketers, why we need to have more patience, and what strategy to use to grow brand awareness for a small agency.


  • How Garrett started on Fiverr selling $5 deliverables, and how he progressed to owning an agency with 3 global locations
  • Garrett’s hiring strategy and how he focuses on 2 things—being smart with his finances and strategic with his onboarding timeline
  • The “compare and despair” mindset entrepreneurs and marketers are getting trapped in
  • A realistic timeline and growth rate for real-time marketing scenarios
  • What to ask yourself to become a “Discoverable Agency” and why you need to focus all of your attention on your brand NOT your search results
  • The marketing strategies working right now—obvious, simple, unscalable, and things that create delight
  • How to optimize content for SEO without having to rewrite it just by redoing the title tags to align with the keyword the content is actually ranking for
  • Why every marketer should run CPM campaigns for their brand
  • What marketers or agencies need to do if they want to scale their company


Directive Consulting
Garrett on Twitter
Garrett on LinkedIn

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