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Episode 349: Building a Response-Driven Marketing Ecosystem with Kevin Barber


Are you looking to scale or are you looking for traction? If you think you’re looking to scale, perhaps ask yourself what it is exactly that you are wanting to scale? 

It’s a tough world out there at the moment with an oversupply of vendors and companies asking a lot of their marketing companies when they haven’t necessarily even figured out their offer. 

“If you want to turn someone from ‘cold’ to a ‘call,’ but you feel like you’re putting fuel into an engine that doesn’t even run, maybe consider dialing back the spending,” advises Kevin.

Kevin is having a frank conversation with Mark today about the state of the market, and how things have changed since the pandemic when everyone went online at once with their offering. 

He’s also sharing on why he’s revamping the Growth Accelerator program as he seeks to systematize what is working by returning to principled, repeatable processes that actually make marketing effective.

How do we create response-driven campaigns rather than create marketing that plays with our hopes and dreams by spending aimlessly on brand building without showing any real ROI? By creating a Growth Loop that drives awareness that drives acquisition that in turn drives activation.

Ratings, reviews, referrals, and results! It’s all here, systematically laid out with good old marketing logic that will empower you to accelerate your business growth. 

Learn how to articulate the problem that you solve, AND the outcome that you deliver with a marketing eco-system that refreshingly addresses (and solves) what is broken with marketing right now.

Problem, solution, proof! Differentiate, disrupt, and download! Is it time for you and your business to change quadrants? Find out more inside.

Kevin Barber is the Founder and Head of Growth at Lean Labs and a mentor to 50+ High Growth Companies. He is also a M3 member at DigitalMarketer.


01:28 The problem with their being an oversupply of vendors

02:20 Scale what? Are you looking to scale or are you looking for traction?

04:00 Creating your Ideal Customer (laying a good marketing foundation)

06:20 How do we go about creating response-driven marketing?

08:50 What is the problem that you solve?

10:50 What is the outcome you deliver? Do you differentiate or do you disrupt?

17:45 What is your edge? How do you justify that what you do is different (and works)?

23:07 How do you test out your new material?

27:45 Understanding how every ad is about: result, system, timeframe, proof

31:42 How to back your proposals with proof points

34:44 When does the new Growth Accelerator program start?

39:31 Learn more at

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