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Episode 356: Automating Marketing Ideas with Generative AI – Exploring Possibilities with George Copeland


What does it take to create an automated system for business owners that really delivers value? For George Copeland, Co-Founder and CEO at Laborem Edge, it means time at the whiteboard as a mad scientist before you become a product expert.

A lot of time. Five years in fact. George is working on an automated version of a Google Ads management process that involves leveraging data for digital marketing with paid search. 

Luckily, he has a partner who allows him to implement his ideas and figure out how best to iterate them using AI. 

Any talk of AI these days is sure to get Mark excited, and he and George are riffing on the role that AI has to play in industry innovation and where that intersects with the role of the expert who knows how to prompt the AI and tell it what to do. 

And then, where that intersects with the individual customers who are telling the expert what they want!

There’s an appreciation of Gen Z philosophy and being able to express one’s values that go beyond making money. 

And there’s the constant dance between the digital marketer wanting to showcase what’s on offer effectively and the customer who needs to be communicated with in a language they can relate to.

As the mad scientists and creators become formula generators using AI, users, and customers become creators using the new formulas that exist. 

With the right set of prompts, whole new landscapes open up. And, hopefully, you have your Lifetime Customer walking their Customer Journey in that new digital landscape with you. 

Can you use generative AI for proof of concept for your next big digital marketing idea? Tune in to find out.

George Copeland runs Laborem Edge Digital Marketing Agency, helping professionals increase sales and save time growing their businesses. 

You can find out more on how to simplify and automate your lead generation by visiting their website, (link below).


02:00 Unpacking George’s mission: leveraging data for digital marketing with paid search

05:39 Appreciating the time it takes to articulate, implement, and iterate a good idea 

08:45 How TESLA is setting the bar for motor vehicle innovation – and what we can learn from that

09:52 The importance of not allowing specific industry experience to become siloed

13:25 Mark comes around to Gen Z thinking

16:05 The importance of an integrative approach to marketing

18:45 Learning to respond to the way that people search

19:27 Can you lean on generative AI for proof of concept?

21:35 How AI is impacting certain industries and not others (video games)

24:39 The power of good ChatGPT prompts for the Customer Journey

28:02 Creating an entire South Park episode using AI

29:36 How Google is using Generative AI well, generally

31:26 SSE: Stupid Simple Experiences!

33:01 When is George’s new ad sales software set to launch? 

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