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Episode 362: AI’s Role in Redefining Virtual Assistant Value with Jen Lehner


How can AI be used to enhance the use of Virtual Assistants? Can it be used instead of them?

There’s no better feeling than when something that you used to do, and used to take you a bunch of time, just happens and it’s better than you would’ve done it in the first place. 

That’s the satisfying feeling you get as a business owner when a VA you know and trust inputs the right data into AI. But is this dream scenario all that realistic?

Jen Lehner is the CEO of Front Row CEO Virtual Staffing, and she’s here to tell us that, absolutely, AI has helped improve the world of Virtual Assistants – making them even more valuable to you and your business. 

With all this information overwhelming, it’s no longer enough to show your client the latest shiny thing – everyone’s doing that. As a business owner, you need to bring a touch of humaneness back to your client engagement. And you can do that by freeing up your time.

Learn why we need the help of a team that we are prepared to invest in and not see as an expense. Hear Jen’s great advice on giving your VAs a trial week to separate out the ones that have used AI to apply for the job and those that know what they are doing. 

You should be doing the things only you can do. With the right combination of a Virtual Assistant and the latest AI software, all you need is patience and the right prompts, and soon you’ll be experiencing that satisfying feeling of a job well done (that you had hardly anything to do with) a lot more often! Please join us.

Jen Lehner is the CEO of Front Row CEO Virtual Staffing, who has helped match thousands of solopreneurs to their perfect match virtual assistants. To find out more about her secret cheat codes visit


01:18 Is AI disrupting the world of Virtual Assistants?

02:41 Using AI to crunch your consumer feedback data

05:53 How AI can instill confidence in your VA

07:20 PlayHT to generate your voice using AI 

11:19 Using AI to create a consistent brand voice

11:55 Has AI made VAs even more valuable?

13:43 Why it’s no longer enough to give your audience the latest thing

15:55 What do you do with your free time once you’ve delegated work to your VA?

19:52 Learning to shift your mindset on what you can train other people to do

25:27 Check out 

26:13 Having the right mindset: investment versus expense

28:39 How AI has democratized information (and made people even more valuable)

32:50 Using Trello to trial a new employee (trial week!)

37:45 Creating lasting relationships with your VA

38:55 Check out

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Generate AI VoicesPlayHT

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