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Episode 167: Finding Unique PR Opportunities for Your Business with Jack Nunn, Founder of Roworx Fitness


Learn how you can turn PR opportunities into organic traffic for your business.

What sets you and your business apart from your competition? What makes you different, surprising, maybe even controversial? And how can you leverage that into PR opportunities that ultimately lead to more brand awareness and traffic?

Jack Nunn, rowing champion and founder of Roworx Fitness, has gotten a lot of attention lately for making a bold claim: that you can get a total body workout just by rowing. Not only that, but you can train for a triathlon with a regimen that’s 80% rowing—and then complete 3 Ironmans in 28 days. Jack is doing something no one else is —and a lot of people find it unbelievable.

In today’s episode of the DigitalMarketer Podcast, he sits down with host Jenna Snavely to talk about leaning in to whatever it is that makes you stand out.


  • Tips for pitching your story or message to publications 
  • How to push past discouragement and view PR as a long game
  • How to turn familiar topics upside down with your own unique spin
  • Ways to leverage PR opportunities from unexpected places

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