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Systmyz developed a unique differentiation framework for the real estate industry that helps team leaders, brokerage owners, and teamerage leaders double their sales in 90 days.

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DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Systmyz, LLC

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Why you should hire Systmyz:
Systmyz is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner that will help you double your real estate sales in just 90 days! Our experienced team will develop a consistent, predictable sales engine to set you up for success and will create a documented track record of success. We’ll develop a selling system that can easily transfer to new owners so your team can easily run this without hiring expensive marketing companies. Plus, with our 72-hour turnaround promise, we’ll get your first appointment funnel up and running quickly.

We will take you through the entire process step-by-step so you don’t have to worry about any of the details. We specialize in differentiation, avatar development, customer journey mapping and digital automation, all designed specifically for the real estate industry. Our services are tailored to give you the best results – from gaining awareness to closing deals with motivated buyers and sellers. We understand the complexities involved in digital marketing and provide reliable support every step of the way. With our help you’ll be able to scale your business faster than ever before and achieve greater ROI than ever imagined!

Company Description

Systmyz developed a unique differentiation framework for the real estate industry that helps team leaders, brokerage owners, and teamerage leaders double their sales in 90 days and create a documented track record, consistent predictable sales, and an easily transferable selling system to get exit offers of 7-8 figures.

Real Estate Systems

The real estate industry has long sought to develop a differentiation framework that team leaders, managing brokers and brokerage owners can use to efficiently differentiate them from their markets. This framework would create a clear, sequential and easy to follow selling system that will create predictable sales.

The system would be turnkey and run-on autopilot so that it can easily be transferred to new owners or team/teamerage leaders.

The system includes a tracking system dashboard and various tools, tactics and frameworks to facilitate growing their team and sales at scale. This track record will establish a value for their business that would attract 7-8 figure exit offers in different markets.

By offering both flexibility and capital security through its differentiation approach, this new framework could revolutionize the way real estate teams differentiate themselves across the country.

Surmounting these challenges requires a carefully tailored sequential 9-step process that gives teams a clear and measurable outcome. Team leadership would receive support throughout the whole process, eliminating frustrating fits and starts, stressful oversight and tech stack overwhelm.

Create a predictable selling machine that doubles your real estate sales in 90 days!

Create a predictable selling machine that doubles your real estate sales in 90 days!

It starts by building your unique 90-day roadmap to doubling sales.
Next, we identify who your perfect audience is and build-out a customer journey to create oceans of new opportunities.

And now we come to the most important part of predictable sales, your Power Offer.

The Power Offer creates an irresistible offer that makes converting prospects into clients easier and easier as we build out the SOP’s and scripts to do this over and over again.

After your Power Offer’s developed, we’ll build out automation, landing pages, follow-up sequences, tagging and segmentation.

Next, we load it up with our 27-email marketing drip sequence plus 26 texts and phone calls for a total of 63 follow up touches. This gently draws your prospects along until they schedule themselves on your team’s calendar.

Then, using your power offer and differentiation strategy we create video scripts for you and your partners to record. This includes a total of 10 video scripts and 10 amplifier videos.

All video views are creating custom audiences and giving the various advertising platforms data to send the algorithms out to find more prospects, driving advertising costs down and conversions up.
All of this data feeds into our final step in the sequence, retargeting.

We will set up all retargeting to immerse your prospects in your brand, segmented by where they are in the funnel, top, middle or bottom.

This whole process takes 90 days and results will astonish you.

During this process we are here to help you and guide you along the way.

Our team is dedicated to helping you make progress and see results fast. We can have your first funnel up and producing appointments for new listings and buyers within 72-hours. Plus, with the help of targeted ads and SEO strategies, you should easily be able to double your sales within 90 days!

90 Day Double Your Sales Audit

Sick and tired of stagnant sales? Ready to start seeing real results fast? Look no further than our 90 Day Double Your Sales Audit—our exclusive program to help you double your sales within 90 days!

Our process is perfectly designed from beginning to end with step-by-step instructions provided for each step.

First, we’ll develop an avatar for your business so that you can laser focus your marketing messaging to the right people.

Next, we’ll create a map of your customers’ journey so that you can make sure they stay engaged throughout the process.

Then we help you design an irresistible offer that will not only draw in more leads, but more conversions as well!

Part of predictable sales is tracking. We’ll set your team up with a tracking dashboard and KPIs so that you know exactly how well your campaigns are performing every second of every day.
We’ll also provide you with our framework for our 63 point automation drip campaign that helps keep leads warm without any effort on your part

Then to keep the leads and opportunities coming in, we will provide you with our 9 step video marketing framework lead magnet offers to grab consumers’ attention and bring them into your funnel.

The whole session is recorded so you can go back through them again and again until everything sinks in.

With the help of this exhaustive step-by-step process, our best frameworks and tools, you’ll have all the information you need to double your company’s sales in just 3 short months!

Invest in this audit today, and you could be well on your way to doubling sales in 90 days!


Systmyz is committed to helping business owners develop teams that have predictable sales using our proprietary differentiation framework so that team leaders, brokerage owners, and teamerage leaders have a feasible exit strategy in place in 90-120 days even without a documented track record, consistent predictable sales, or an easily transferable selling system so they can get a 7-8 figure exit offer.

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