5 Tips to Help You Sell Marketing

How to Sell Marketing: 5 Key Points Your Sales Pitch Needs

Selling marketing is meta. You have to market your marketing ability, land the sale, then use those same skills to help your clients to get more traffic and conversions.

In reality, your sales pitch shows just how good you are at marketing.

A poor pitch = a bad marketer who can’t get sales.

A great pitch = proves your ability to land the sale.

That’s why each sales pitch needs to have these essential five key points. These points are built off of the marketing principles that you use with your clients, but this time we’re using them for your consulting or agency.

#1: Who Do You Help?

Like any great sales page, you have to talk about who you help in your sales pitch. With the riches in the niches, being a jack of all trades won’t help your freelance consulting or agency. You want to be specific about who you help, so your clients understand they can trust you to get results.

Your pitch can say:

“We help new businesses who just reached just $100,000 in profits turn that into $1,000,000.”

“Our agency specializes in B2B SaaS platforms.”

“My expertise is in marketing ecommerce businesses with at least $500,000 in quarterly sales.”

The more specific you are about who you help, the easier it will be to show prospective clients that you’re the perfect freelancer, employee, or agency for the job.

It’s just like narrowing down your customer avatar. Who is your ideal marketing client? Get clear on who you sell to so you can turn them into customers.

#2: What Marketing Strategy/Strategies Do You Use?

How to sell marketing with the right strategy

Knowing who you help is step one in your sales pitch. Now, it’s time to talk about how you can help them. There are a lot of expertises within marketing, and businesses need help with these varying facets.

Some businesses need a better content strategy. Other businesses need help with paid ads. As a digital marketer, you can help businesses with:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Etc.

Your sales pitch needs to talk about how you help, so the business owner (or the employee in charge of making the buying decision) can understand why you’re the person for the job. If your expertise is in content marketing, and they’re looking to expand their content marketing efforts—guess who just became the best fit for the gig?

Be clear about who you help and how you help them to show your clients why you’re the right freelancer, employee, or agency for the job.

#3: Show Proof of Results

What’s any sales pitch without proof of results? When you buy a product or service, you want to know that it’s the real deal and that It’s not going to break in a week or the promises made in a service contract won’t be upheld. Your prospective clients want the same reassurance.

Just like with marketing, you need to add proof of results into your sales pitch. Show examples of clients who have driven traffic and conversions thanks to your marketing abilities. Bonus points for using clients that are most similar to the new one you’re trying to land.

For example, if you want to help a B2B SaaS subscription business with content marketing, show them proof of results with a past B2B SaaS subscription business that you helped get 10x traffic and 5x conversions.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, proof of results is worth at least a few thousand dollars. Your prospective clients want to know their money is being spent in the right place—show them with proof of results.

#4: Add at Least 1-3 Customer Testimonials

What’s better than you talking about how great you are? Your clients are talking about how great you are. And it’s monumentally better. We see this in our marketing campaigns all the time. People want to know that others, just like them, got what they wanted from your business. You showing them proof of results is the foundation. Testimonials are the walls, windows, and accents that make your sales pitch fancy.

When prospective clients see that your clients are willing to put their name and business behind your marketing strategies—it’s the ultimate stamp of approval. It’s a blinking green neon sign telling them that people know, like, and trust you enough to link themselves to your business. And that says a lot.

The key to adding in testimonials isn’t just to copy and paste nice things your clients have said in the past. Integrate them into your pitch to showcase your professionalism and expertise. For example, 

“We specialize in helping ecommerce businesses making $100,000 a year turn that into $1,000,000 a year through social media advertising. In the last 3 months, we helped [Example Company Name] make $350,000 putting them on track to have their first million-dollar year. “Working with [Your Company] has been an absolute treat. Not only have they come through on all their promises, but their professionalism and communication does not go unnoticed. I recommend [Your Company Name] to any ecommerce business looking to reach their first million.”

Naturally integrate customer testimonials that showcase just how great you are at what you do, and how happy your clients are because of it.

#5: End with a Call to Action

How to close your sales pitch for marketing services

You already knew this! Just like any great sales page or paid ad—your call to action is the whole point. But what is a great call to action in a sales pitch? We’ll tell you what it’s not: something that involves a lot of work.

Your sales pitch can *never* (how do we emphasize *never* even MORE?!) require the prospective client to have to add a task to their to-do list to take action. It has to be frictionless because that’s one of the most important words in marketing. Your call to action will depend on where your prospect is in the buying journey.

If you’re sending a cold pitch, ask them if you can send over a free resource or offer a free consulting call with a guaranteed end result. Here are a few ideas of what you can send over:

  • Email subject lines with the highest conversion rates for B2B SaaS businesses
  • Your most successful paid ad templates for ecommerce in the past 3 months
  • A formula based spreadsheet that helps brick-and-mortar businesses attribute their digital marketing efforts

Your call to action is important—take the time to figure out what the best CTA for each cold pitch would be. If you’re in a creative rut, go with the CTA that has the most value attached to it.

Don’t Send Your Sales Pitch Without…

  1. Explaining what businesses you help
  2. Telling them how you’re going to help
  3. Showing proof of results
  4. Highlighting customer testimonials
  5. A value-based call to action

These are the same marketing principles that you’ll use when you market products and services for your clients. That’s the meta-world we all live in as marketers, and it’s awesome. With all our knowledge and experience in marketing, we can use that for ourselves—growing our own businesses and getting to showcase OUR proof of results.

Because that’s just as good as the results you’re getting for clients.

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