Six Figures in Six Months: How to Build Your Business Fast

My name is Adrian Boysel, and I have something special to share with the Digital Marketer community. This advice is something that I’ve previously only shared on stage or on camera. But today, I’m going to document one of the most important and personal keynote presentations I’ve ever delivered: how to generate six figures of revenue in six months.

This is something that I’ve been doing since the very beginning of my career—and that’s because I had a plan of action with steps to follow. Here, I’m going to share those steps one by one, and show you how to become an industry leader and create a momentum explosion for your business.

Three Steps, Six Figures, Six Months 

Before I get into the steps, I want to share the story of how I stumbled upon this winning formula for revenue generation. Graphic design was originally my side hustle while I worked in sales. Unfortunately, in 2006, amid just some challenges in my life, I suffered some traumatic losses from my income and dropped my car insurance. After an accident, that decision cost me 30 days of freedom.

That was one of the lowest points of my whole life, so I asked my mentor for advice. He told me, “Look, man, this is not the end of your life. You’re still young. You still have an opportunity to come back from this. This is a blow, but you can come back from this. You’re a smart guy, you’re a talented guy, and you’re passionate. This should not hold you back, and this should not ruin your life. Don’t let it hold you back.” 

So I took that opportunity, those 30 days that I spent in jail, and I actually wrote my entire business plan for a printing company. I had already been doing printing as a little side hustle, like I said, for friends and family and for him for bars and nightclubs, and I really wanted to take it seriously and change my life. I knew that I had to do something differently. Ultimately, I didn’t want to work for anybody but myself. But I needed to figure out a way to do that, and that’s where the three steps were born. 

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Step 1: Plan 

Planning is the first and most crucial aspect of business success, and it’s where most businesses fail before they ever get started. Creating a business plan may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Success in sales is nothing more than a numbers game, and a business plan simply defines the game’s rules. You need to know what you’re selling, who needs it, and how many sales you need to make. 

My plan was simple. I was selling a brand experience. That meant logo design, business cards, and promotional materials like flyers. My audience was local small business owners, with a focus on nightclub owners. I wanted to sell at least $200 in printing products and design services to at least three people every day for six months to make six figures in sales. If I could sell $2000 per client, I only needed to make two sales per week. That made room for a lot of nos between those yeses. 

Step 2: Act 

Well, as soon as I got out of jail, I started sticking to that business plan. My first office was a tiny 10×8 space with no windows, a desk, and a futon that I was sleeping on. Kalifornia Printing was born in that cramped hole-in-the-wall, tucked behind a barbershop. I called hundreds of people 

every week to make my minimum sales goals, and those clients referred new customers to me once they saw how passionate I was about helping small businesses to build their brands. 

Create an irresistible offer tailored to your target audience that explains how your product or service solves a problem for them. When you reach out to build a relationship with your

prospects, they will appreciate your taking the time to understand their problems. Those relationships are the core of sales success, as well as building a team you can rely on to stick to your plan, as well. Take massive action on your business plan and don’t let up until you get where you want to be. 

Step 3: Grow 

Finally, you have to pursue growth. You need to grow your skills by learning new techniques and adding more services to your repertoire. That skill growth will, in turn, grow your prices and your income as you offer more value and more complete solutions to your clients. That will lead to more referrals, which will grow your client base and bring in new relationships to start the process again. I went from selling logo designs and business cards to creating brands from scratch. 

Once you grow your income, you can afford to grow your team. These are the people who have your back and to whom you can delegate tasks that aren’t where your passion lies. In the beginning, at Kalifornia Printing, it was just me. Now, at Adrian Agency, I have two amazing business partners and a team of creative professionals to help the agency achieve new heights in sales, relationships, and fulfillment. 

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Key Takeaways for Six Figures in Six Months 

That’s it; just plan, act, and grow your business to six figures in six months using the steps above. If you keep your business plan simple and easy to follow, it makes it easier to act on your plan. By creating irresistible offers, you make it simple to reach your sales target, no matter how big or small the price tag may be for your product or service.

Finally, relationships are worth more than all the money in the world. They drive your sales, build your company, widen your network, and create opportunities for you and your business to thrive. Keep these philosophies in mind, and you’ll see an explosion in your momentum.

Adrian Boysel

Adrian Boysel

As a passionate leader and co-founder of multiple six and seven figure brands, I have learned from America’s leading marketing and advertising experts from all over the country. Over the last 15 years i’ve built a database of 5000+ clients allowing me to gain a reputation as the best social impact marketers in America. I’m the CEO of Instagraphics, the #1 platform for creatives to achieve success without sacrificing their health or relationships. But most of all, I am a husband and a amazing father to my daughter Sunny.

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