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Create a Year’s Worth of Content in 1 Day

Save time, energy, and money without sacrificing your content or losing leads. You’ll get a proven system for turning every single piece of content you make into over 14 different kinds of brand new content—for just about every platform out there.


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Are You Tired of Fighting a Losing Battle with the “Blank Page”?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or marketing professional of any kind…

Your business needs regularly-posted, high-value content that engages your audience on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how much content you should be posting on a daily basis. But CoSchedule found some common benchmarks for these social platforms:

  • Facebook: 1-2 posts per day
  • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day
  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day

And if your current plan is to start from scratch every time you want “new” content for your business, the struggle to go from absolutely nothing to a fully-fleshed concept is like trying to slay a dragon with a leaky garden hose.

So week over week, you (or your team) are battling the blank page to come up with new Facebook videos, Tweets, blog articles, Instagram posts, YouTube tutorials… the list is endless.

In other words, you’re wasting your precious time and creative energy to constantly churn out all-new content.

You might even call it a “spray and pray” approach, where your best content gets seen once (hopefully) and then the algorithms kick in. And that precious content you slayed the blank page dragon to overcome gets forgotten, lost in the endless scroll of your followers’ social media pages.

But what if a year’s worth of brand new posts was already at your fingertips, pulled directly from your best performing content?

Because much of what you’ve already made (and have yet to make) is waiting to be used again…

…And wouldn’t that save a busy marketer like yourself time, energy, even money?

Content Repurposing: How Smart Marketers Get Themselves Off the “Hamster Wheel”

You’ve heard the adage “Work smarter, not harder”?

That’s exactly what our newest Workshop is all about! In Create a Year’s Worth of Content in 1 Day, you’ll get a proven system for turning every single piece of content you make into over 14 different kinds of brand new content—for just about every platform out there.

Led by Shaina Weisinger, CEO & Founder of content strategy agency Repurpose House, you’ll start by identifying every piece of content you can currently build off of. You’ll then leverage Shaina’s 7×7 Strategy to outline and create the pillar content pieces your business should be driving a year’s worth of social media traffic to, twice a week. In fact, Shaina’s 7×7 strategy is so effective, we use Repurpose House internally to get the most out of our content each month!

You’ll also get Shaina’s planning tips for creating future long-form pieces of content that you can use over and over again to drive traffic and convert customers.

In addition to expert-led, immediately implementable instruction, you’ll get a downloadable Content Organizer Spreadsheet. It’s the handiest way to keep your videos, images, blog posts, and more easily accessible for scheduling, cutting down on the time it takes to plan your content distribution across multiple social platforms.

Plus, you’ll get Shaina’s simple design templates for creating scroll-stopping, audience-engaging content. In less than a day you’ll be ready to kickstart your content repurposing strategy without waiting for the perfect hire, freelancer, or design tool to fall into your lap.

Finally Start Seeing Returns From the Content You Create

If you’re not creating content that you can scale as your business grows, you’re spinning your wheels.

That’s why we’ve created this workshop: to teach you how to repurpose your existing blog posts, Facebook Lives, podcasts, and more! It’s a time-saving way to create value-packed new content—FAST.

Your content is just waiting to be put to use to convert engaged prospects into happy customers, and outspoken brand advocates. And the best part? You’re using content you already have on the social media platforms your prospects are already scrolling.

By the end of this 4-hour Workshop, you’ll have a full year’s worth of content, enough to post twice a week across any platform your customers use!

How to Easily Make Repurposing Part of Your Existing Content Strategy

What is Repurposed Content?

Below, content marketing strategist Shaina Weisinger tells you how to find new pieces of content hiding in plain sight within your best performers.

In our “Create a Year’s Worth of Content in 1 Day” Workshop, content strategy expert Shaina Weisinger will show you:

  • The 7×7 system for creating repurposed content from your most valuable and highest-performing assets
  • How to identify your best content & format it for the world’s top social platforms to get the most engagement in a post’s all-too-short average lifespan
  • How to use the Complete Content Organizer spreadsheet (that you can steal for yourself) to plan out your social media & content calendar
  • Simple design templates and image tips for all social platforms to get you started, without waiting for the perfect hire, freelancer, or design tool to magically do it for you
    And more!

With Shaina’s proven tools, templates, and resources for making everything you create look great and attract high-value leads, you’ll have a new supply of content that turns absolute strangers into happy customers (and even raving fans).

By the time the workshop is over, you’ll have the knowledge and tools for turning any content idea into MULTIPLE posts, saving you time and creative energy. No more scrambling at the last minute to find something to post to hit your “daily quota.” With Shaina’s 7×7 repurposing strategy you’ll have built a solid content engine that provides value and engages your audience everywhere they’ve found you!

What You’ll Learn

  • The super valuable free features (yep!) you can use with an audience list inside LinkedIn Ads
  • How to craft a Click-to-Call campaign from beginning to end
  • How your company defines “MQL” (Marketing Qualified Lead) and the right messaging and targeting to attract yours
  • How to read the reporting inside the LinkedIn Ads dashboard and navigate it like a pro


Shaina Weisinger

CEO & Founder, Repurpose House

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which repurposes long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. She is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have.



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