DigitalMarketer Launches Academy Platform and New Learning Paths

DigitalMarketer Launches Academy: Leading Marketing eLearning Company Creates Learning Paths

Austin, TX: Today, DigitalMarketer, the leader in building digital marketing certification courses for agency and small business owners, is launching Academy. Academy is the central place to access all of the education materials DigitalMarketer offers. It includes hundreds of resources like certifications, playbooks, short and long form workshops, jump start packs and other valuable resources for marketing.

In the newly launched Academy platform, marketing professionals and small business owners will find Learning Paths. Learning Paths are carefully created outlines, similar to a school curriculum, that show new and experienced marketers which courses to take and in which order to meet specific educational objectives.

For example, to become a top email marketing professional, individuals will start with the Digital Marketing Mastery Certification, followed by Email Marketing Mastery, Copywriting Mastery, and Analytics and Data Mastery. These easy to follow Learning Paths provide a direct outline for how to meet any marketing education goals.

Marketers and business owners who follow the email marketing Learning Path can also delve deeper into specific types of email marketing. Academy also houses workshops like “Automate Your Business Growth with Email Follow-up” or “How to Create a Newsletter That Actually Provides Value.” As marketing development progresses, new digital marketers can share their results publicly with certificates of completion that can be displayed on platforms like LinkedIn.

“We’re very excited to welcome new and seasoned marketers to the DigitalMarketer community and we await the chance to celebrate their results,” says Mark de Grasse, President of DigitalMarketer.

About DigitalMarketer: DigitalMarketer is an Austin-based educational organization for digital marketing professionals, marketing agency owners, and small business owners. It’s a place where ambitious business people can learn how to market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools to grow and scale their businesses to new heights.



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