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9 Examples of Broadcast Emails

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Broadcast emails are a key part of every marketing strategy.

They’re the emails that are most often sent to your main list and are either promoting something or keeping your relationship with a subscriber.

For example, a broadcast email is an email that a flight company sends to its subscribers talking about flight deals they’re running right now (a promotional email). Or, it’s a weekly email newsletter that a business sends to its subscribers, like we do with DM Insider (a relational email).

If your email can check off one of the below, then it’s a broadcast email:

  • It was manually sent
  • It was sent to your “Main List” of email subscribers
  • It was sent to subscribers NOT in an automated follow-up campaign
  • It’s time sensitive

And, businesses send a lot of them. These emails are incredibly important to our marketing strategies because they keep our subscribers up-to-date on what’s going on with our business and most importantly, our products.

If you’re having trouble putting together broadcast emails or need more clarification on what they are, here are 9 examples to show you what broadcast emails are all about.

Example #1: Canva

Canva sent this broadcast email to its main list to tell them that they just put 60 million photos into their Canva Pro subscription.

Canva broadcast email example

Example #2: Fossil

Fossil sent this email to their subscribers to let them know about their 60% off sale.

Fossil broadcast email example

Example #3: Turo

Turo sent this broadcast email to tell their subscribers that they created Zoom backgrounds for them.

Turo broadcast email example

Example #4: DigitalMarketer sent this email to our main list to talk about a promotion we ran that discounted all of our Courses, Workshops, and Playbooks by eighty percent.

DM Broadcast email example

Example #5: The city of Glendale, California sent a broadcast email to their subscribers to give them links to necessary resources for small businesses in the area.

Glendale broadcast email example

Example #6: Gap has a campaign for “Mystery Deals” that they’re letting their list know about in this broadcast email.

Gap broadcast email example

Example #7: The LA Public Library sent this email to their subscribers to highlight the reading activities they’ve launched this spring, including virtual librarian storytimes.

LA Public Library broadcast email example

Example #8: Shutterstock curated a list of the best design tools for businesses and sent an email to their list to promote it.

shutterstock broadcast email example

Example #9: After holding an online event, Medium used Eventbrite to send a broadcast email to all of the attendees with a recording of the event.

eventbrite broadcast email

In marketing, broadcast emails play an important part in reaching your goals. Use broadcast emails to promote new offers and to keep a relationship with your subscribers by giving them valuable information they’re interested in.



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