Marketing Strategies for 2022

5 Tactics to Add to Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

What marketing tactics should you use in 2022?

Are you curious to see if we mention the metaverse in this article?

The question marketers are asking themselves, as Gucci and Nike create digital products, is if the metaverse needs to be part of their 2022 marketing strategy.

The answer is no. That’s not a permanent no (who knows what Zuckerberg has up his sleeve), but for now—you don’t need to figure out how to create funnels in the metaverse.

There are a few marketing strategies you can focus on before that…

And come back to the metaverse later.

These strategies are designed for the 2022 marketer, the one who wants:

  1. Organic reach (like it’s 2015 again)
  2. Ownership over their data (ahem, iOS 14…)
  3. Spend less, and make more

Here are the 5 tactics these marketers are using in 2022.

#1: Use Twitter for Organic Reach

Organic reach is dead on social media, right? That’s not what Twitter has to say (although they will make sure to say it in less than 280 characters). Twitter is a megaphone to reach your audience these days. If TikTok was the social platform of 2019 and 2020, Twitter is the platform of 2021 and 2022.

You don’t need to boost your tweet or add 30 hashtags per post to get attention. You just need to publish content your ideal audience member cares about…and they’ll find you. People are growing 30,000+ audiences on Twitter ORGANICALLY in a few months. 

Here’s their strategy:

  1. Tweet daily.
  2. Post 2-3x threads per week.
  3. Reply to well-known profiles in your industry with thoughtful responses.

Don’t let this opportunity for organic reach pass you by. Start tweeting today.

#2: Upgrade Your Email Content to Version 2.0

Say goodbye to the days of writing a “meh” newsletter and not caring that your open rate is less than 5%. With less organic reach on social media platforms (except for Twitter!) and the need to move your audience from social to an owned platform—your email content can’t suck anymore.

It has to be genuinely interesting to your audience. A curated list of resources probably isn’t cutting it. You need much more than that in Version 2.0 of your email content. Find ways to teach and entertain your audience through emails to get them to subscribe, and most importantly, keep them opening your emails.

Because what’s a 100,000 person email list with a 1% open rate? You worked hard to get 100,000 subscribers, and you only get to reach 1,000? Sounds like a bad deal.

Here’s how to update your email content in 2022:

  1. Ask your audience what they want you to send them (give them specific options and a place to leave their own ideas).
  2. Make sure your email content passes the 2-Point Audit:
    1. Is it entertaining?
    2. Is it educating them?
  3. Be consistent; show up in their inbox in the cadence you promised when they subscribed.

Unless you own Facebook, Google, TikTok, or Twitter—you need to own your audience in 2022. Start writing emails that your customer avatar actually cares about reading.

#3: Turn Your Email List into Market Research

First-party data might be the marketing term of the year. With the infamous iOS 14 privacy updates, first-party data became a necessity in every business and marketer’s plans. And, that’s a good thing. We shouldn’t be relying so much on social platforms to share their information with us.

That’s a fragile way to build a business and marketing strategy. The antifragile option is to turn your email list into your market research. Get your own data on what your subscribers are interested in and tag them so you can promote specific products in the future.

Here’s how to turn your email list into market research:

  1. Add tags to links in your content to see which subscribers are interested in what topics, products, or services.
  2. Ask your subscribers questions like:
    1. What products do you want to see more of from us?
    2. Why haven’t you bought our products yet?
    3. What topics do you want us to cover in our newsletter?
    4. What sounds like a great Black Friday deal to you?

Your subscribers are hot leads, which makes them the perfect people to use in market research. Don’t let them sit stagnantly—ask them what they want from your business.

#4: Put Your Affiliate Program to Work

You might have an affiliate program or have had “Create affiliate program” on your to-do list all year. Well, the time is now. More people are tapping into their inner influencer, regardless of having 50 followers or 100,0000, to share what they love with their friends, family, and online audience.

Brand ambassadors are the last stage of the Customer Value Journey for a reason—people want to share what is making them happy. Do you know what people love more than sharing their favorite products with people they love? Getting money for it. 

Affiliate programs are tricky. It’s easy to get one started and harder to make it successful.

Answer these questions to put your affiliate program to work (so it actually brings in an ROI):

  1. What do your customers want in return for referrals?
  2. What can you afford to give per referred customer?
  3. Can someone on your team market your program?

The last question is crucial. Make somebody accountable for the success of your affiliate program, so you know it’s getting the focus it deserves. 

#5: Add Automated Messaging on Instagram

Zuckerberg sent us all a gift this year with automated messaging finally becoming allowed on Instagram. With automated messaging, your audience can get their questions answered without you needing to check your DMs every 15 minutes.

Better yet, you can segment that audience to know who’s interested in what…so you have even more first-party data to work with.

Here’s what automated messaging looks like on Instagram:


Or, you could use automated messaging to turn your audience into affiliates (here’s what that looks like with ManyChat): 

2022 Marketing Isn’t 2021 Marketing

2022 Marketing Isn’t 2021 Marketing

If you use the same marketing strategy in 2022 as you did in 2022—you’re not doing it right. You’re leaving views, engagement, subscribers, and money on the table, and there’s just no need to do that. 

These 5 tactics are ideal for marketers who aren’t trying to burn their current strategy to the ground and start over. These are for the marketers who want to build on top of what they’re already doing, own their audience (and data!), and get more automation in their lives.

Which of these 5 tactics will you start with?

  1. Use Twitter for Organic Reach
  2. Upgrade Your Email Content to Version 2.0
  3. Turn Your Email List into Market Research
  4. Put Your Affiliate Program to Work
  5. Add Automated Messaging on Instagram

Just like you, we’re wondering how 2022 marketing will play out and what strategies will end up being the biggest revenue generators in a year from now.

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